From the Desk of The Principal

Dear Parents, 

Thank you very much for being a part of our school and I extend my best wishes today and always. Every child is born with an inborn talent often with multiple abilities. As he/she grows these, talents manifest themselves in various forms which often go unnoticed. As the child grows and is exposed more and more to his surroundings he/she develops interest towards certain field. Our mission is to empower the students to be in constant pursuit of knowledge by strengthening their intellectual capacities and seeking better ways to assimilate Knowledge. We are try to provide a platform to each and every child to showcase his/her overal personality and hidden talents. If a child finds difficulty in proving himself/herself in academics, that does not mean it is a full stop. He/she may have other talents and to bring out the same is the main objective of RPDAV. Parents! Please motivate your children to reach for these goals and help them navigate the barriers asking about their ideas and opinions regularly. Show them that you are really interested in what they think and feel and they will become comfortable about expressing their thoughts to you. In this Process of learning and unlearning your child may need your help in some way. You should not forget to be dutiful towards them. Make sure your children attend school regularly. Ask them about homework and verify that assignments are checked. I urge the teaching fraternity to help the children to dream and at the same time nurture these dreams by providing resources and guidance at every step to ensure that the children never lose sight and are able to realize them.