A child seeking admission to pre-nursery class must have completed 2.5 years and three respectively by March end. There will be an entrance test for admission for other classes. The Children will be tested for their general ability in the work of a class below the one to which they seek admission. A child attending school for the first time must produce an official birth certificate, Adhar card, 2- Snaps at the time of admission.
Parents are required to furnish complete medical history of the child in case the child has suffered some serious desease.



For the sake of uniformity and equality among children the school has prescribed a uniform for summer and winter for both girls and boys. The parents will see that the child comes to school every day in proper uniform


From Playway to II :- Pink Shorts (Nikkar) and Pink Check Shirt half sleeves. Pink socks and Black Shoes, Pink Patka for Sikh students.

From III to XII

Half sleeves sky blue shirt with house shoulder. Black pants with stripes. Black shoes,socks sky Blue.


From Playway to II :- Pink Tunic with square Neck with half sleeves Pink check shirt.
From III to XII :- Skirt of Black Stripes shade, with divider. Half sleeves Sky Blue shirt and Sky blue ribbon. Sky blue socks and black shoes or Black Salwar and Sky Blue shirt.

Winter :

Boys :- Blue wollen V shaped pullover, Black Lining pants with full sleeves Sky blue Shirt. However Blue woolen coat is compulsory from 4th Std.

Girls :- Blue Woolen V shaped pullover for winter and sky Blue stocking. blue woolen coat is compulsory from 4th standard onwwards.


Girls :- Two plaits/Pony tails with Sky Blue ribbon or short. Girls should not apply nail polish, Kajal and Mehandi in school. Jewellery is strictly prohibited.

Boys :- Hair Should not grow longer to touch the ears. Fashionable hair cut is strictly prohibited.

Important Note :- Boys must not get their uniform altered fashionably.